Hey Busy Mom! Yeah.... you! 

This is YOUR tribe if: 

  • you want to be the very best mom that you can be, but you're currently overwhelmed, snappy and anxious and feel like you are just barely holding it together
  • your busy schedule restricts your time and you don't have a lot of time for taking care of yourself
  • you're dependant on coffee to get you through the day because you're completely exhausted
  • you are having a hard time getting "motivated" to make the changes you know you need to make to stay healthy but know that something has GOT to change 
  • you tend to binge and then the guilt about your less-than-ideal food and beverage choices consumes you  
  • you want to drop the extra weight and feel sexy in your skin come summertime
  • you have lost yourself in becoming a mother, and need to rediscover who you are and live a life with purpose

This is why I’ve put together a fantastic coaching package that I know you’ll LOVE. 
This busy moms coaching package includes:

  • access to the Busy Moms Tribe - a facebook support community of like-minded moms struggling with the same things you're struggling with
  • online weekly mini-challenges, workouts, recipes and food for thought delivered via the facebook group
  • two one-on-one coaching calls per month (20 mins per call) where we will uncover the obstacles and challenges that are stopping YOU from moving forward and develop a tailored plan to overcome these obstacles for lasting success
I cannot STAND fad diets, because they thrive on the premise of GIVING THINGS UP. Friends! Hear me! You don't need to give up chocolate, coffee or wine in order to change your health! Instead, we will focus on shifting your mindset and replacing those rules and restrictions with healthy habits and a whole new outlook on healthy living. Together we will overcome the obstacles necessary in order to increase your energy and lose the weight so that you can keep up your busy schedule, manage your overwhelm, and feel vibrant, healthy and confident as a woman, wife and mother!
Momma, NOW is the time to put yourself first! 
Take advantage of the special introductory pricing of just $89 per month before it's too late! This offer expires March 31.

BONUS: You'll also receive THREE fabulous books for FREE included in your package!
Join our Busy Moms Tribe NOW!
Our coaching is flexible and you're never locked into a long term contract. You'll receive coaching on a month to month as long as its helping you reach your goals! Your paypal payments will be set up as a recurring payment for 12 months, and we hope you'll stay for the long haul, but your coaching contract is cancellable at any time if you're not 100% satisfied.
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