1. i KNOW. i CAN. 
i WILL. i AM.
    i KNOW. i CAN. i WILL. i AM.
    Start your journey towards a better you today with i AM fitness!
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i AM fitness

Fitness for a better you

Based out of south Edmonton, Alberta, we offer personal and small group training,
running clinics, fitness classes for all fitness levels, and nutrition coaching.
Let's link arms and start working on YOUR goal "i AM _________" statements!
Services Offered
Things we Love!
  1. 0
    One-on-one Personal Training
    Completely personalized training programs to challenge you and help you to meet your personal goals
  2. 1
    Small Group Training
    Small group training with a personal touch - train with 2 friends, each participant will receive a personalized training program
  3. 2
    Group Fitness Classes
    Various fitness classes, several days and times available to suit all levels and schedules.
  4. 3
    Couch to 5K Running Clinic
    Learn how to run with this basic couch to 5K program, motivation and information to get you off on the right foot!
  5. 4
    10K &21K Running Clinics
    Take your running to the next level with these running clinics!
  6. 6
    Nutrition Coaching
    Coaching to develop life-long habits for better nutrition and health!

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