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  1. It's been fabulous doing workouts in Christy’s classes. It has been a battle for me to find the energy and motivation to just get out, but Christy kept me in the loop and helped motivate me more than she maybe realized. Her workouts are awesome - always a great variety of exercises and formats and I like that there are modifications available for the exercises. Christy’s classes are fun and create an environment that is never intimidating because everyone is always included. Her dedication is obvious and her level of care and interest in the people in her classes speak volumes. Thanks Christy for doing an amazing job!
  2. I love working out with Christy and i AM fitness. The convenient locations, varied workouts and friendly people make it easy to love! I also like how she modifies the exercises so I can get as much out of the workout as possible each time no matter my fitness level. I also really enjoy the 5k runs she hosts in the spring/summer/fall. It's the perfect opportunity for non-runners like me to test myself without the pressure of a large race and huge crowds.
  3. I have been going to Christy's classes for well over a year now and here is why I keep coming back: 1. I am always learning something new 2. Christy is fun and puts up with my grumbling over burpees! 3. I never get bored as there is so much variety 4. Each class has modifications/different levels tailored to you to push yourself harder or take it a bit easier, even if injured. 5. She offers a variety of classes including the run clubs 6. Christy is always encouraging so If I can learn to run 5km, seriously anyone can. 7. And as a bonus, I am Fitness classes are very economical.
  4. Best workouts I've done! i AM Fitness allows me to push myself, work harder and do things I would never do on my own or at the gym. There is lots of variation in the classes so you are never bored and Christy makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable even for shy people like me. I have done things that I never thought I would do and ended up liking it, like running. I have noticed more results in the last 10 months than I have in years of going to the gym!
  5. I was apprehensive about getting back in shape after recently having a baby but Christy and the rest of the ladies in the classes are so positive and supportive that I've really grown to look forward to the classes! Christy is great at modifying exercises when needed and I love how every week's workout is different!
  6. I have always been someone who stays active but structured "workouts" have never piqued my interest. With 3 kids it's difficult to fit in time for myself. What drew me in was the convenient location and time, and I could bring along my baby. I really had no excuses, so I signed up for the TBB, HIIT express and HIIT classes. Now after 6 weeks, I feel healthier and stronger both physically and mentally. Christy makes us sweat, but her classes allow each participant to work within their level of fitness and comfort. I am forever thankful that i AM fitness (Christy) has allowed me the opportunity to purposefully integrate health and fitness into my daily routine and I can't wait to sign up for the next session's classes!
  7. I started doing Obstacle Races about 4 years ago, and it quickly grew into an addiction. I loved the obstacles, but the running--not so much. I've NEVER considered myself a "runner", but I knew I had to learn how to run safely and effectively! For the last couple of years I've been focusing on running and i AM fitness Running Clinics (done both live and virtual) have helped me with motivation and accountability, as well as technique and structure. The guest speakers have resonated with me and I'm able to incorporate the information smoothly into my training. If you're just getting off the couch or further in your running journey, Christy provides the much needed support and encouragement that can pave the way to meeting whatever goals you have!